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If you want it chic and class you know suede shoes are the bet for you. Suede always exudes a type of style which is unmatched by most others. Surprisingly I did not possess a pair of suede boots till like a year or two ago. However ever since I picked up my black stylish boots in suede let me tell you how I have teamed it up in so many ways.

sofft suede heelsWhether it be leggings or jeggings, I would simply combine it with my sofft suede heels for a super fashion forward look that makes my legs look sexy. A tunic or even a trench coat looks stunning with it. In fact the versatility of my boots is immense. Whether it is flowing dresses for a rather feminine look, or hot pants for a hot look it works well. What about a form fitting skirt or a short dress?

I never forget my skinny jeans. Whether the suede be blue, brown or any other, the good news is that it adds both feminism and sophistication to your attire.

The sweater dress is a great bet for those cold wintry nights when you want to cuddle up with your sweetie. You would possibly stand in front of your closet in a trance trying to pair the matching shoes. While stilettos might be too formal and girly, sneakers might look very casual. But you must know that with a pair of suede shoes that are lying in your closet, dust them and team it up with our outfit. All you need to complete our outfit is with a wide belt or a suede boho bag.

The best part is that these boots are trendy enough to wear on your down time and sleek enough to carry it to office. I have gained tremendous mileage from suede boots, irrespective of the style you opt for. However to stay smoking in your suede boots, ensure that they are neat and clean!

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