How to choose the best bed frame for your room


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There are different types of bed frames out there. Internet allows you to take a look at various bed frames and pick a similar one according to your bedroom’s décor. Here is a guide for how to choose a bed frame you will absolutely love:

Decide the amount of money you want to spend on the bed frame

Metal bed frames are usually the least expensive but some of them can also be the least attractive. If you want to pick a metal bed frame then go for the one that’s sturdy. Such a frame can support the mattress well. So, if that’s the priority, a metal bed frame is a good choice. If you want a bed with storage space then go for a wooden bed frame. Many wooden bed frames feature drawers underneath. Such beds are pricier but they surely offer you a lot of extra storage space.

Decide that material of your bed frame

You can go for a wood, leather, metal or upholstery bed frame. Choosing a bed frame material is a matter of taste. It also depends on the kind of furniture you have in the bedroom. Also, keep in mind what sheets you will use and how they will look with each frame. Bed is the centerpiece of a bedroom. So, it is a good idea to pick bedroom items that go with its design and style. An upholstered bed frame is not a good choice for a colonial style bedroom but a wooden or metal frame will be good for it. Check out some simple and luxurious iron bed frames online. Pick the Stone County Ironworks Sassafras twin bed frame if you want a contemporary look for your bedroom. The Anthropologie’s Hoopskirt bed frame will be ideal for people who want to give their bed a unique look. You can also consider buying a bed with a modern bed frame. The LaSalle King bed has sleek contours and retro curves. Crafted in solid maple and solid ash, this wooden bed is very classy.

Make safety a priority

Go for bed frames with round corners and no sharp designs if you have kids in your family. Metal bed frames with sharp corners and edges are dangerous for young families with kids running around.

Plan how much time you want to spend maintaining the bed

Some bed frames need more maintenance than others. Upholstered and leather bed frames get dirty and stained easily and need regular cleaning, while iron and wood simply need dusting.

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