How to easily be green with your hair care products


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If someone was really invested in being green then they can take a look at the huge supply of eco-friendly hair care products. For example, even if you are taking care of your hair then you can choose shampoos that are made from natural and organic products. These are usually devoid of harmful chemicals like Sodium Laurete Sulphate and are paraben free.

Styling products like the eco styler gel are another sensible option for someone who can be green even while they’re styling their hair. The Eco Styler styling Krystal Clear is a strong holding gel that is perfect for any hairstyle or hair color. It is basically weightless and provides gravity defying hold for all hairstyles. The water based gel will provide moisture to help maintain healthy hair.

There are a lot of other tips that you can implement too like-

  • Something like, set their hair dryer on a lower heat setting
  • Make sure to always unplug or turn your products off when you’re not using them
  • Choose eco hair products that don’t contain chemicals or toxins that add to the environmental waste. Basically these include ammonia free hair colors or natural dyes.
  • Apart from these, you can also go for organic shampoos, conditioners and hair masks, rather than the chemical based ones.
  • Another idea is to use a wooden comb for the hair, which is safe and protective, unlike the plastic ones. You get the same styling effect, for the same price, without worrying about contributing to environmental damage.
  • Use leftover home products like yogurt, honey, mayonnaise, etc. as hair masks and packs. Even fruits like papaya do wonders for hair nutrition.

Remember that your mane needs the right amount of conditioning and hydration, but all of this can be done without being cruel or adding to eco-damage. Use green hair products to enjoy shine and luster along with style!

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