How to ensure you’re drinking clean water


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Water is something we need regardless of what our lifestyles may be. Without consuming the hygienic water, we can succumb to all types of illnesses. Therefore water testing  is important. Basically water needs to be tested for all types of bacteria. You can do water testing for bacteria with a water bacteria tester. In fact water testing kits are also available that can be close to accurate.

Nowadays, people are well aware of the value of drinking clean water. The benefits of clean water to our general health are tremendous. To ensure that you are drinking clean and fresh water, the best way is to choose a trusted water dispenser. The best and the most trusted one is the Oasis water cooler.

For years now, the company Oasis has dedicated time, effort, and research so that they can create and develop new advancements on water dispensers. They also offer bottled water dispensers for home as well as commercial use. You can easily find the difference between clean and filtered water from the one that isn’t filtered.

In fact refrigerators now come with the option to have water filters built in, but not everyone wants that because of either the cost or style preference. Therefore, some alternative methods are free standing water filters that you refill and keep in your fridge, or water coolers. For example, the standard bottled Oasis water cooler, cools water directly from a 5 gallon water bottle. Not only this, it also heats up the water for tea, coffee and even soups just in a fraction of time.  the water dispenser comes with the facility of separate ‘on’ and ‘off’ switches for both heating and cooling system. Therefore you can switch off  the one not in use.

Another kind of water cooler offered by Oasis is bottle-less plumbed water cooler. In this kind of water system, the machine has a built in water reservoir that can be filled whenever convenient. The water filter in it ensures safe drinking water. And ofcourse, the heating and a cooling system also exists in this device as well.


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