How to have green laundry like a pro


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There are a lot of things that I do the green way at my home and laundry is definitely one of them. We don’t realize the amount of damage we are causing to the environment or the waste that we are adding up by simply using the wrong soaps and detergents. It can be really easy to do laundry in a green way with these tools. Here are a few of them-

1. High efficiency washer

Always go for a high energy efficient washer. Basically, these use less amount of electricity as compared to your regular washer. The higher the energy rating of the product, the less energy it consumes. As a result, you are getting lower electricity bills, which means you save more each month. Also, it implies that you are helping in reduction of environmental waste and serving a noble cause!

2. Green laundry detergent

Go for a green laundry detergent, which is low on harmful chemicals or is devoid of them. Check out the Tide free and gentle high efficiency 75 Fl Oz that lasts up to 48 loads. What you get out of the washer is great performance. When using your HE washer with this laundry detergent, you are using only a fraction of the amount of water used in traditional machines.

Then there’s the Rockin’ Green laundry detergent that is a mix of safe ingredients and is dye free. It comes in various yummy scents and there are also unscented versions available for sensitive skin.

Here are some other tips on how you can be green while doing laundry-

  • Make sure you only use one rinse cycle to using cold water instead of hot
  • Instead of putting in clothes too many times, assemble them together and use the machine once
  • Use the energy saving mode when possible
  • Don’t use the dryer if not needed. Let the clothes dry out in the sun

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  1. Angela Says:

    Tide is not very green. Part of being green is supporting companies that care about people and the planet. Personally, I will not support P&G since most of their products are toxic.

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