How to keep your drains clog free


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The importance of a shower drain is to maintain your pipes because once those get clogged it can be tough to repair and cost an obscene amount of money. For your shower you should also think about a hair catcher to put over your shower drain as additional protection for your pipes. Rather than going through the hassles of calling the plumber, why not use regular maintenance techniques to keep the shower drain clutter free.

To make sure that the drains do not get clogged, do watch out for the flow of the water. If the shower head is having very restricted flow, then the chances are that something is causing an obstruction. Here are a few tips on keeping the drains clog free-

  • Always use a biodegradable drain maintenance product because it tends to absorb the hair and soap scum that get stuck to the pipes regularly.
  • The drains should be covered with apt catchers that don’t allow particles to go through.
  • Try this homemade noncorrosive mixture, which is odor free and keeps the drains free. Blend 1 cup baking soda and table salt along with 1/4 cup cream of tartar. Put 1/4 cup of this mixture into drain and instantly add 1 cup boiling water. After a few seconds, just flush some more water.

If you are having problems with your shower drain you can use a drain key to help remove or install a shower drain. Basically it removes the corroded materials with its unique expanding design without marring the chrome or special finishes. It installs and removes tub drains, closet spuds and pipe nipples too.

Do try to clean the shower head regularly along with using a drain cleaner on a regular basis to avoid clogging. And do make sure that no big or small objects like plastic or caps, etc. enter the drain.

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