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If you are a keen gardener, you’ll know that maintaining a garden is very therapeutic and soothing. It is comforting and satisfying to watch your own herbs and vegetables grow in a garden that you personally tended to. But the whole idea is spoiled when the plants are infested with insects. I find the idea of insects eating and using my plants to lay their eggs absolutely revolting. It’s a tedious task but timely intervention with safe insecticides will protect your plants. Take a look at how to naturally do this:

An insecticide is a pesticide or a chemical that is used to protect plants from insects and pests. Insecticides are available as sprays, gases, dust-able powders, oil-based solutions and sprays, fogging concentrates, liquid sprays and others.

The two main types are organic insecticides that have carbon and inorganic insecticides that don’t have carbon. Organic insecticides are basically synthetic chemicals and which are most used today. Inorganic insecticides are made with metals like copper compounds and others. A natural insecticide includes neem, nicotine and pyrethrum extracts that are made naturally by plants.

Azalea, camellia, crape myrtle spray insecticide and fungicide kills lace bugs, mites, aphids, whiteflies, tent caterpillars, mealybugs, bagworms and other insects that infest plant life. The spray kills the eggs, larvae and adult insects. They work best when applied early to mid-morning or late afternoon.

Talstar Professional insecticide offers long-lasting and wide control of the most hardy lawn and ornamental pests like fleas, ticks, billbugs, mites and all kinds of lawn ants. It’s water-based, non-irritating and does not contain plant-damaging solvents.

Safer Brand Bioneem insecticide and repellent concentrate is unique in that it controls over 30 insect pests. It is very effective when used on shrubs, trees, flowers and decorative plants. It is formulated with azadirachtin, a neem seed extract that acts as a natural insect growth regulator and acts as a powerful insect killer and repellant.

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