How to set up a classic home office


tufted leather sofa, rustic bookcase

Since more and more people these days prefer to work for themselves, and more and more companies feel that having employees work from home is an efficient way to do business, decorating the home office has become that much more important. An office ambiance should be conducive to work, and there are a few things that you can do create the right environment while still maintaining a level of professionalism.

One of the best ways is to give your office a classic décor. This kind of décor makes it an easy place to work. Well, to start with seating, a tufted leather sofa should do the job perfectly. In fact a modern home-office is incomplete without the leather tufted sofa since it blends equally with the contemporary as well with traditional interior setting.

Have wooden/rustic furniture, warm lighting and curtains to create the desired look. Let the hardwood blinds complete the study area. The blinds perhaps stained in cherry will go with the décor. You can have furniture like chairs, rustic bookcase and study table in typical wood that is popular for its expansive functionality. In fact an old fashioned bookcase along with a leather tufted sofa can make an office look very dignified and give it a classic look as if it comes from the 1920s.

Going another step ahead, should be the wooden flooring. While it will make the room seem warm in winter, it will also help keep the room cool during summers since wood is a good insulator. Though the days of having a fire-place have almost gone in most locations, yet the warm tones and some conservative artwork can replicate the ambiance of the classic study.

The current style of rustic furniture actually merges with the past themes and latest design styles. Typically, this style of furniture has rich darker shades like mahogany and oak, though some people also go for the lighter hues. The rustic look can further be enhanced by using things like the flower and the twigs.

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