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When we buy those pricey wines, we want them to last. Storing techniques differ according to the type of wine. For instance the storing technique of white wine is different from the storing technique of red wine. Here are some ways to store white wine. These ideas can help you to make the wine last long and still taste the best.

Store white wine in a cool and dry place

Keep your white wine bottles away from direct sunlight. Also, keep them away from vibrations. Cover every open bottle mouth with a cork. Keep the cork moist and allow it to seal in the air. Or you can opt for an electric wine vacuum cork that sucks the air out with the press of the button, or you can do it manually as well. Keep the opened wine for three to five days, keeping it longer will compromise its taste.

Pick a wine cooler

Go for a classy wine cooler that can serve chilled wine to your guests. Wine bottles can crack or leak in a refrigerator. Moreover, when you store a white wine bottle in a refrigerator having various food items, which might filtrate the wine, compromising its taste. So, pick a suitable wine cooler for your white wine, champagne and other bottles. The Danby wine cooler can store wine bottles along with kids’ drinks as well. Using a wine cooler also leaves more space in your refrigerator. So, don’t worry about the wine getting spilled because most wine fridges feature an angled rack so it will be ready and waiting for you when you want to come back to it.

Pick a portable wine cooler for outings

Ideal for outings and backyard parties, some portable wine coolers are spacious while some others store just one bottle. One bottle portable wine cooler is perfect for people who want to sit at their patio all by themselves and enjoy the cool breeze of a summer evening. Check out the Oggi Linea wine cooler online if you want a luxurious one. This is a stainless steel wine cooler featuring a ribbed design that is eye catching.

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