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Strengthening your core is almost like giving your body a whole new look. They are also the hardest muscles to work out. Unlike your biceps and triceps they take long time to show results and often require patience. Here are a few tips on how to strengthen your core.

Strengthening your core doesn’t mean getting perfect six pack abs that you may have always dreamed of. Strengthening your core will help you perform everyday tasks such as lifting and moving things with ease. It will also help you prevent any back aches relating to body posture from ever coming up.

One of the most popular ways of strengthening your core would be to do sit ups and crunches. Crunches can be done with your hands sliding on your legs or have them cross on your chest. Do as many as you can in one go and remember the count. Keep increasing this count which will get your abs used to the crunches.

Pilates and Yoga are the most effective exercises for those of you looking to have a toned abdomen. There are quite a few yoga classes where you can learn up all the yoga exercises. If you don’t have time to go to a yoga class you should consider getting some Pilates equipment to exercise at home. Among the Pilates equipment the Pilates chair would be a great option.  These Pilates chairs allow you to perform loads of exercises which help you strengthen your core.

The Bruciare Pilates Chair is a modified Pilates chair. It allows and allows you to do a lot more exercises when compared with other regular Pilates chairs. The major addition to this Pilates chair is the upper body resistance bands. These resistance bands provide you with a complete core and upper body workout.

In addition to a Pilates chair you should consider getting a Pilates exercise kit. These kits usually contain light and medium resistance bands, soft balls and a large 65 cm exercise ball. They will help you perform most of the Pilates exercises without any problems.

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