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Fishing is one of the most popular ways to pass time when you have nothing to do. While fishing is mostly recreational, it is usually a lot more entertaining when you actually manage to catch fish. Fish finders are gadgets that will help you improve your success rate of catching fish.

Fish finders are the latest and probably most innovate creation in fishing technology. Using fish finders isn’t difficult, but it does take some practice and getting used to. Once you have gotten the hang of using a fish finder you will be able to effectively locate more fish than you can catch. Before you learn how to use it, it is important you learn how it works.

Fish finders operate using sonar technology which was used back in World War II. A fish finder basically produces a sound wave and sends it through the water. If the sound wave encounters something, it bounces back to the fish finder. The fish finder then measures the time between when the sound wave was sent out and when it bounces back your fish finder. It then uses that time to calculate the distance and maps it on the screen. Now that you know how it works here is how you use it.

One of the first things you should do when you get your hands on a fish finder would be to read the instructions manual. This is because each fish finder does have its own set of features and operation. The next thing you need to do is mount your fish finder. There are different types of mounts that you can use. You could use a transom mount, trolling motor mount, hull mount or a portable mount. Either way the instructions manual will guide you through this. The Humminbird fish finder is good fish finder which is quite easy to use had has a very effective automatic mode.

Once you’ve mounted the fish detector and switched it on, it will be in automatic mode. This is where you will have to change it to manual mode and customize the settings to meet the fishing conditions you experience. To do this you need to get a feel of how these settings work. All you need to do is leave the fish finder on automatic mode and take a five minute spin around the lake. Keep an eye on the display and see what changes to get a good idea of how it works. Once you’ve figured it out it will be easy t find good spots to fish. Once again you will get more comfortable with experience.

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