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So you couldn’t wait to get your hair colored or streak, considering winters is the best time to do so. You sweat less so the color lasts longer. But along with this benefit, winter does cause a lot of hair damage, so your hair color only adds to that! However, if you implement the right shampoo and conditioner along with other similar products, this damage can be avoided.

Yes you can keep your hair healthy even when it’s been color treated. It’s important to make sure that your hair stays healthy even if it’s been dyed or bleached. Here are a few tips on how to go about it-

Choose a good quality hair color

Make sure that you choose a good quality hair color, whether coloring at home or at the salon. Products like Feria hair color provide permanent coloring right from the tip to the roots and last for months. It has a non-drip formula, which makes it easier to apply at home and you get the same effect like a salons at a fraction of the price!

Use a color protection shampoo

Opt for special color protection shampoos that help you color stay longer and also offer protection against the chemical damage. These shampoos contain ingredients that nourish the hair shaft and add shine. You can choose specific color shampoos too for blonde or brunettes. Color treated hair shampoos like Murad shampoo feature a patented formulation designed to cleanse and fortify the scalp. It has vital nutrients, nourishing healthy hair growth and it has a special formula that enhances and protects the scalp after color processing and blow drying.

Conditioner and serum

Always use a protective conditioner and serum to ensure that your hair stays safe from sun damage and other environmental pollutants. These also ensure that the color doesn’t fade out fast.

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