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There’s nothing better than watching your favorite sport on a large screen TV with your friends. With spring right around the corner, BBQs and parties are going to be more and more popular. Here are a few ideas for indoor and outdoor televisions.

If you live in an area where spring weather is still fairly cool or even worse, rainy, watching television outdoors is not an option. A large screen TV is an ideal entertainment accessory when you have a get together and the guests stay inside. However, even indoor parties are still a great way to gather a lot of people together and have fun. You could even hook up a Nintendo Wii or a Playstation to a large screen TV and have a tournament. LED and Plasma TVs are currently the popular choice. They give you the best possible picture quality.

If you are fortunate enough to live in an area with beautiful spring weather, you might want to think about investing in a projector. A projector is quite versatile as it allows you to project an image anywhere you want, including a white sheet from your linen closet. Projectors can connect to your laptop, desktop computer, DVD player, or even cable television. All you need is a large enough wall and you will be able to project various media on it. The projectors you get these days offer HD outputs for your benefit. The only issue with projectors is that you cannot use them on a regular basis as the projector lamp has a limited life and will need to be replaced regularly depending on usage.

If you are planning a sports themed get together, you should consider a projection TV. A projection TV is best for outdoor viewing. Ambient light doesn’t have any effect on its display thanks to its high contrast and powerful backlights. Hitachi Projection TVs have been known best for outdoor viewing. The Hitachi 46f500 was one of the best ones back then. This Hitachi TV has unbelievable contrast and it doesn’t let sunlight interfere with its picture. Once again the only problem here is that the rear projection lamp will need replacing, depending on usage.

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