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When traveling with your little one, it is vital to have a car seat and other similar accessories ready at hand. There are different steps of car seat safety that all parents need to know before they buckle their baby in for a car ride. While not only is it a legal offence to go for a ride with your baby without the apt gear, it is definitely not worth taking the chance, even for a few minutes.

Maxi cosi car seat has safe car seats for each stage of your child’s life from newborn infant to toddler. They also come in fun bright colors like the leopard pink maxi cosi mico infant car seat. Kids enjoy the cute little colors that attract the eyes and so hopefully they won’t fuss much about sitting in them. Along with a secure car seat, here are a few safety tips that you should also always follow-

  • Use a rear facing child safety seat in the back of the car. As per new laws, it is suggested to stick to this for all children under the age of 2 years.
  • Ensure that the baby’s car seat rear-facing stays at a semi-reclined position of not more than 45 degrees. This way the head of the baby is always in contact with the seat, which also reduces the risks of choking.
  • I always double and triple check the buckle harness before leaving. This ensures a snug fit and offers complete and maximum protection. The harness should be tight and snug but not uncomfortable.
  •  The shoulder strap should be below the baby’s shoulder and adjust the level of the center chest clip to be in line with their armpits.

For babies who are fussy about sitting in car seats, opt for fun and bright hues like a pink car seat. Also, keep some fun toys in the rear to keep them occupied and their brains stimulated.

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