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Dora backpack, Thomas and friends pencil box

There were so many times when my children came back home with a broken lunch box, you’d think they had played soccer with it or something, or they somehow had lost every single pen and pencil they had started out with in the beginning of the year and wanted new ones in middle-year. After the normal frustrating reaction I realized that I needed to start teaching them better organizational skills, which is not an easy feat, but here are a few tips to get you started with your kids if you are facing the same problem.

In fact I even decided to make a visit to school to have a word with the teacher about making sure we were on the same page.

  • Since my daughter absolutely loves Dora the explorer, it was easy to get her a Dora backpack. In fact, she loved it so much that she would clean it and take extreme special care of it.
  • Moreover, I have also told the children that the need to indulge in a weekly clean up. All the time their papers and various school supplies are all over the place. Last week, in the kids clean up, my son even ended up finding his favorite Thomas and friends pencil box, which he thought he had lost. He was so happy to find it that he promised to be more conscious of where he puts his things. thomas and friends pencil box
  • After a lot of practice I have finally ensured that the children pack their school books and accessories the night before so we aren’t scrambling in the morning.
  • At home getting easy to use organizational storage solutions is a great idea. It would help the kids such that they can organize all their belongings in a systematic and fun manner.

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