Lolita Lempicka dazzles with Forbidden Flower perfume


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Lolita Lempicak, the world renowned fashion designer, is a woman of many talents, and perfume making is just one of them. She began debuting her perfumes at her runway shows in the early 1990’s and they’ve been an unstoppable force ever since. Her perfumes take all who wear these magical fragrances to the land of the mythical fairies and beautiful creatures. One spritz and you will find yourself transported to another world where flowers are desirable and dangerous, sensual and yet innocent. Her newest perfume, Forbidden Flower, is no exception.

The Garden

Debuted in 2008, but made popular again in 2013 at her runway shows at various Fashion Weeks, this fairytale fragrance takes us back to the cursed Paradise Garden of Lolita Lempicka. The same garden where her other fragrances such as L de Lolita and Coral Flower by Lolita Lempicka have blossomed. Her flowers are the most beautiful, seductive, and alluring in the world. In this Paradise garden all you desire is to reach out and touch these lovely flowers, and yet, the one you want to touch the most is forbidden.

Forbidden Flower

Forbidden Flower, is not just a lovely perfume, it’s an idea about forbidden love which comes across in its complicated and addicting scent. The central notes of this sensual concoction is absinthe accompanied with the scents of champagne, oranges, and strawberry leaf giving this Forbidden perfume its signature citrusy opening. Then scent then blooms with the fragment scents of peony, with a touch of anise seed and violet giving the Flower its seductive scent. This perfume finished with the musky scents of almond and Vistula cherry.

The bottle itself even looks like a beautiful flower from the Lolita’s garden. Painted a stunning grass green, like an ode to a forever spring time, this bottle is also adorned with painted ivy leaf and flowers patterns in a rich gold color.

Try it today and find yourself instantly transported to a land of beauty, mystery, and love. If you wear any of Lolita Lempicka’s perfumes let us know how much you love them with comments below.

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