Men’s winter hats: bombers versus beanies


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Don’t forget to keep your head warm during cold weather. While winter forces you to bring out the warm jackets and gloves, but it is also equally as important to keep our heads warm when it’s cold. It does not matter whether you have a full head of hair on your head or not, a majority of your body heat escapes through your head. That is why wearing adequate headgear like a beanie or bomber is vital to retain body warmth. Here is a breakdown of two essential hat styles: bomber hats and beanies:

A bomber hat is warm and comfortable. It is definitely stylish and keeps your head warm. Wear it for all your outdoor winter activities to keep your head protected from the bitter cold.  Genuine leather bomber hats with fur trim or fur hats with a quilted lining and waterproof features are durable and warm. Hats with lining sit firmly on the head.

Look for bomber hats with an easily adjustable chinstrap and earflaps. Earflaps that connect around the back protect and insulate the back of your head and neck to offer cozy warmth. An adjustable snaplock on the chinstraps makes it easy to lock the straps securely around the chin for extra warmth or over the head for better hearing. Check out the Mad Bomber deerskin leather fur hat that is made out of 100% deerskin leather. It has rabbit fur trim on the front and under the earflaps. The polyester quilted lining makes for additional warmth.

When the weather is continuously and uncompromisingly cold, beanies are the headgear you want to wear. They fit close to the head to provide warmth and protection.

While a bomber fur hat like the Mad Bomber hat in signature plaid has a vintage look that is stylish, a beanie is casual and light. Beanies are perfect for everyday cold weather and their unisex design complements most outfits. A beanie is easy to slip into your pocket. A beanie is light and fits into any pocket when you’re running or jogging and you want to pull it on or off depending on the cold. A beanie can also be layered under a bomber hat if you are facing extreme cold weather conditions.

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