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A mini crib is handy to have around even if you have a regular crib. Even though most baby things are used for such a short time, it’s better to be prepared with the right products to give you some peace of mind as they grow. Here is a breakdown for how a mini crib can be a life saver at times:

I’m sure you have already had plenty of sleepless nights trying everything you can but not knowing what to do to help and make your baby stop crying. And I’m sure you wish that you could have one full night’s sleep, just at least one beautiful uninterrupted night. At stages like this it is important to make sure you ask for help. Even with two hands on parents, a new baby can be overwhelming. And of course asking for help, or accepting an offer for some help is not a critique on your parenting skills. It is just allowing your newborn to spend some quality time with your in-laws or brother or sister, and you benefiting from a full night’s rest.

In this case, they may be spending the night at their house, and since babies are such creatures of habit, they need familiar surroundings to be able to sleep, you’ll probably want your in-laws or brother or sister to make a similar offer again. A mini crib is just like their crib can easily be transported and set up. Or just as easily, you can have them come to your house and have the baby spend the night in the mini crib in the guest room. The cribs fit into small spaces and are much less expensive than a standard sized big crib.

Da Vinci Annabelle mini cribs in white are sturdy wood constructions painted with lead-free paint. You can remove the sides of the cribs and transform them into twin-sized beds when your baby grows up. Equip them with mini crib bedding sets or mattresses for added comfort and familiarity. Choose from a wide variety like Sumersault 4 piece Animal Patch crib bedding set or a Stokke Sleepi classic white 4 piece mini crib bedding set among others. Check out the Babyletto Grayson mini crib in grey. It is made of zero-grade MDF and comes with a mattress pad. It has two adjustable mattress levels and has a non-toxic finish.

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