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Pets are like family and they deserve to be taken care of like a valued family member. Pets also need regular health checkups, exercise and a nutritious diet to keep them active and healthy all their life. Take a look at how you can do this:

Pets need regular visits to the vet for preventive health care. It’s a good idea to ask the vet to give you a regular health plan with which you can keep up with your pet’s vaccinations, diet, dental care, skin care, medications, examination of ears, eyes, mouth and others. Retaining a regular vet is also important for emergencies as he will know your pet’s history and can take quick action.

Even dogs and cats have allergies. If your dog is ill, Clavamox for dogs, prescribed by your vet will work wonders. Clavamox for dogs is an antibiotic is used to treat different infections that occur on soft tissues and skin.

Exercise is very important for your pets like dogs. A daily exercise routine will keep your pet healthy, fit and flexible in the long run. Exercise will keep excess weight of and tone the muscles. Joints remain flexible and circulation is enhanced.

A balanced diet with the right nutrients in the right amounts is very crucial for pets. Dogs and cats need the right nutrients to keep their coat shining, metabolism active and maintain an ideal weight.

Pets like dogs and cats also need their vitamin and mineral supplements. Pfizer animal health tablets are recommended daily for dogs with special dietary needs. The tablets have a special taste and you can mix it together with pet food.

Grooming your dog or cat with a regular bath, brushing of the coat, clipping nails, keeping the eyes and ears clean is important. It’s usually during daily grooming that you detect skin and other problems and take quick preventive action.

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