Prints you should embrace this spring


zebra print shoes

While of course there is so much to be said for a simple solid color, especially when black is so slimming, we think that with the onset of spring, it is important to explore some great print styles that should not be overlooked. We’ve put together a guide for some of our favorites and how to wear them elegantly and tastefully.

Zebra print

This one is definitely on the bolder side, but is a great one to accessorize with. Try a pair of zebra print shoes to spice up a little black dress outfit, or wear them with a pair of dark jeans and dark top to make the outfit pop. If you’re wanting to really make a statement then try a zebra print shirt for an edgy and bold look.

Peacock feather

Even though these beautiful feathers come from male peacocks and the female peacock it seems unfairly gets stuck with dark grey colors, we think the male peacock feather print is a beautiful and very feminine look. Accessorize with a pair of oversized and long dangly peacock feather earrings, of find an elegant shirt with the print on it. The combination of colors that are found within the feather are absolutely stunning on everyone.

floral print, zebra print shoesFloral prints

While most women aren’t exactly afraid of wearing floral prints, it’s surprising of how few actually own something with a floral print. This is especially surprising because of how easy it is to wear this print. You can literally have it in everything, pants, shirts, blazers, headbands, scarves, etc. It is so feminine and elegant and is perfect for spring.

geometric print    Geometric shapes

These can be a little trickier to wear, but if you do it right then it turns out really chic. The important thing to remember is to not go overboard with this one, stick to one piece that pops with the shapes, like a blouse or a sweater.


Written by Lizzy Jude

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