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Though infrared heaters have been around for quite some time now, consumers today may not know the beneficial qualities of the Edenpure heater compared to when it was first introduced. The popularity of this new space heater grew immensely and, like most great idea, quickly spawned several competitors.

Here are reviews of a some quartz heaters that share standard features such as casters, thermostat, remote control, and washable filter. Each of them draw around 12 amps at start-up. However, it later reduces to 6 or 7 amps to maintain temperature. It is important to note that the standard 110 volt residential circuit is of 15 amps. Therefore, only one heater should be plugged at a time into each circuit if you are using multiple heaters.

All of these modular type infrared heaters stand excellent on the test of safety records. At the same time they are considered child and pet friendly too. Although the manufacturers claim that quartz infrared elements can never rise to the temperature that it ignites fire, yet it is imperative to take all safety steps.

Here are the reviews of 3 bestselling quartz infrared heaters:

iHeater IH 1500 (1,500 watts)

The iHeater claims that it doesn’t uses quartz bulbs to produce heat like the other infrared heaters. Instead it uses a positive temperature coefficient (PTC) quartz infrared element.  According to this brand, its heating element is much more efficient. It is scheduled to last for around 60,000 hours which is almost 50%  more for other quartz bulbs. It  comes with one year manufacturer’s warranty and the replacement elements are available from their website.

EdenPure GEN3 Model 1000 (1,500 watts)

This one is a classic EdenPure heater and their best-selling model. This EdenPure heater 3 copper heat exchangers and employs six quartz tubes for heat generation. The blower fan does the heat distribution. The “1000″ stands for the number of square feet this unit is capable to heat. The GEN3 offers a 3 year warranty and EdenPure replacement parts and bulbs are available on their website.

Dr Heater DR-968 (1,500 watts)

Dr Heater is the newest entrant into the field of quartz infrared heating. It combines PTC technology as well as quartz infrared tubes. The dual heating system uses a high pressure low noise blower that distributes the heat by a ball bearing. It comes with one year warranty the and replacement parts can be availed by calling the number 800 listed at: drheaterusa.com.

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