Rain, rain go away, but not until I have my boots!


cute rain boots plaid rain boots

The weather is bad, it is raining and it seems it is never going to stop! Oh, I could do nothing but think of knitting a cocoon and hibernating until the spring comes. Sitting in my quilt, I could only hum the little tune that said, “Rain, rain go away,” … but then, suddenly there was a spark! I had just opened the gift wrap my friend got for me. There was a lovely pair of rain boots.

The whole equation changed and I was all set to enjoy the day now. I wanted to experience the rain…feel it and splash into that little puddle! The credit of course goes to my new pair of cute rain boots. I realized, good weather or bad weather, there is always a way to make the most of it.  The inclement weather was now welcome as I could easily walk around in my weather-proof boots.

Well, as I walked down to the book store, I felt people did make a note of my enchanting plaid rain boots. I sported them with my skinny jeans and accented my rainy day outfit with a jazzy scarf. They indeed look smart.  . In fact, celebrities like Kate Moss and Angelina Jolie have also been spotted wearing rain boots. There is no denying that designer rain boots have become an enchanting way to express your fashion sense.

Now I don’t fret over the rainy day because I know the most inclement weather can become as bright as a sunny day. All I need to do is uplift my mood with colorful attire and accessories. Now, I pick a matching umbrella with my cute pair of rain boots. There I am, ready to splash in the puddles and experience the snowflakes fall on my tongue! Hey, did you hear me sing –“Rain, rain go away, but not until I have my boots!”

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