How to get rid of razor bumps once and for all


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One of the greatest feelings in the world is fresh out of the shower shaved legs! They’re soft, silky, and you wish they could last forever without any upkeep. But then as you’re admiring your lovely legs that you worked so hard to get smooth and perfect those annoying and painful red bumps start to appear. We all know those evil, painful, ridiculous little bumps mean; razor burn. Here’s how to get rid of it once and for all!

Why you get the bumps

Now, I don’t want to say it’s our fault that we get razor bumps, but it totally is. When you get razor burn it’s because you’ve committed one of these common shaving faux pas:

  1. You’re using a dull blade. Your razor should glide across your skin, the second it feels like its pulling or tugging, it’s time to ditch it.
  2. You’re shaving too hard. Razor burn normally occurs on areas of skin that are the most sensitive like your bikini line, underarms, and legs. Make sure you’re not pressing down t0o hard or you won’t be shaving off hair but a layer of skin.
  3. You’re using cold water to shave. Cold water contracts the skin and hair follicles, so its best to shave with warm water to open up your pores.
  4. You’re not using shaving cream or lotion. Even if your razor comes with a cream or lotion strip on it you need to be using a lotion or cream to shave with because it moistens the skin and gives you a protective barrier between your razor and skin.

Razor burn remedy

So now that you know how to prevent the burn, here’s how to cure it in case you slip up and go back to shaving crime ways. The best thing to keep in your bathroom is a razor burn treatment cream or lotion to soothe the skin and keep the redness and burn away. One of the best razor burn remedies is Gigi No Bump Skin Treatment. This soothing lotion will calm the skin, help to reduce the redness, and heal the burn, while softening and protecting the skin to help prevent the burn from occurring again.

Follow my prevention steps and keep a bottle of Gigi No Bump handy and you’ll have smooth, silky, bump free legs for life! Let us know how much you hate razor burn and what you do cure it with comments and pictures below.

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