Get a sun kissed glow in an instant with Sally Hansen


sally hansen airbrush legs, images via Merchant

One of the worst things about wearing a dress or a skirt in these cold winter and not quite yet spring months is having to deal with having pasty and pale legs. You want to look alluring and seductive and you will, as long as he never looks below your waist at your bright white gams. So what’s a girl to do?

An instant glow

Well all know the statics on tanning, and how unhealthy it can be. At first we all tanned in beds, but then we found out that tanning in beds can give you skin cancer. So we all opted for tanning lotions, but most of them are difficult to apply, so they come out streaky and carrot colored. We tried it the natural way, but in these winter months it’s not like you can lay outside just yet and get a natural tan. This is where the brilliant minds at Sally Hansen come in; get a perfect and safe tan in an instant with Sally Hansen airbrush legs.

How it works

Sally Hansen’s Airbrush Legs isn’t your average spray tan. It’s actually water resistant leg make-up that gives you a flawless panty hose look without an ounce of fabric. This light weight leg tanning formula is also transfer resistant so you don’t have to worry about it rubbing off or melting like you would a tanning lotion. Not to mention that this leg tanning make-up is actually good for you, its Palmaria extract formula helps to stimulate microcirculation for healthier legs and feet while it covers up freckles, veins, or any other skin imperfection you have.  Spray on and have a perfect sun kissed glow in an instant.

Use it & love it

Did you know Hollywood stars like Kim Kardashian and Stephanie Pratt use this little tanning miracle when they walk the red carpet? This little tanning spray is perfect for the next time you want to wear a dress or skirt without the added bulk of panty hose or tights. We know you’ve got killer legs, let Sally Hansen help you flaunt them all year long! This is the perfect product to use this Valentine’s day when you go out with your someone special you’ll love your dress and they won’t be able to stop checking out your mile long, sun kissed legs.

If you’ve this amazing leg tanning product let us know how well it worked for you with comments and pictures below!

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