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Stretching your body before a workout or any physical exercise is extremely important. It not only helps prepare your body for a workout but also decreases the chance of any injury you could sustain during a physical workout. Here are a few stretching exercise tips which will help you before a tough physical workout.

Before playing a physically demanding sport or beginning to work out at a gym it is important to prepare your body. One of the first things you should do is light jogging to get your heart beating. Once you are done with jogging you should begin stretching parts of your body which would be physically exerted. There are plenty of stretching videos by experts that you could help you. Here are a few stretching exercises for specific parts of your body.

Back muscles are usually stretched with four different movements. One of the most common ones is to stand with your feet separated apart and arms at your sides. You must then bend forward, try to touch your toes. This is basically called flexion. The next exercise would require you to be in the flexion position with your hands on your hips and slowly bend backwards.

Shoulder muscles are usually get workout out a lot if you work with weights in a gym. To stretch these muscles you would need to move your right arm across your chest and hold the elbow of your left arm and pull in. Keep it held in for some time and then do the same with the other hand. This will stretch your shoulder muscles and ready it for any physical exertion.

The chest muscles or pectorals are a little tricky to stretch. To stretch your chest muscles you would need to sit straight on a weight bench chair and hold your hands behind your lower back. Once you’ve done this you would need to push your shoulders together. Another way of stretching your chest muscles would be to bend your elbow to 90 degrees and place your forearm against the door jamb. You should then apply pressure with your other shoulder. This will keep your shoulders stretched and ready for any physical exertions.

While stretching it is essential that you wear clothes that allow you to performing these exercises. Yoga pants and track pants with comfortable t-shirts are perfect. If you are planning to play a sport in a cold climate then you should consider getting the Nike fleece performance jackets. They will keep your muscles warm and ready for action. A lot of athletes use them before games so that their bodies stay warm and ready to play.

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