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Ful backpacks, white Jansport backpack


I have been looking out for a very smart and stylish backpack. I am all ready to throw my old one away since it is rugged and worn out. My main criteria apart from it being good looking is that it should be rather durable. After hunting and hunting I have come across two backpacks which I like a lot.

Have you heard of Ful backpacks? The material of the bag is just tremendous. My friend once had a backpack which had tremendous functionality but it got spoilt in a tropical storm. What I want is a waterproof, rugged canvas material. Along with that the backpacks from Ful boast of very strong and durable high quality metal which is designed for years of zipping and unzipping. It is sure to give years of use. More importantly it will protect everything which one would ever pack.

What I really liked that each compartment was lined with a non bulky foam which can cushion my precious Mac book. In fact did you know some of the backpacks by Ful can actually charge gadgets? Isn’t that so cool? Most of the days, I run out every morning either with a dying or dead phone! So, it is going to be wonderful for me.

Another beautiful piece which I have fixed my eyes on includes a white Jansport backpack. The comfortable and white jansport backpackstraight cut bag would turn out to be great for me. The shoulder straps are very comfortable and prove to be very spacious for all my belongings. In fact the single front pocket turns out to be very handy too! The polyester construction and ultra functional school backpack is a luring option factor as well.

The best part is that both these backpacks are rather good looking and durable indeed. I hope I make my choice soon!

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