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A swimming pool is one of the most fun and entertaining assets of a home. Swimming pools don’t only allow the kids to have fun on those hot summer days but they also let you have great pool parties. If you have a swimming pool in your home then one of the major things you should keep in mind is cleanliness. A dirty pool can cause skin allergies and that will definitely ruin the fun. So, check out the following tips on how to keep a swimming pool clean.

Brush the your pool walls and tiles

Brushing the pool walls and tiles at least once a month will prevent dirt and algae build up. Once you have done this, you can use a pool net to skim the surface of the pool. This will help you to clean any floating dirt.

Use Chlorine tablets to keep the swimming pool clean

Ideal for a chlorine hot tub or a swimming pool, Chlorine tablets contain chlorine that is used to disinfect and purify pool and even drinking water. Chlorine tablets kill bacteria and microbes of the pool water and make it safer to swim in. These tablets are also used to prevent the growth of algae and to maintain the right pH level. You can order RX Clear stabilized chlorine tablets online. Pick a pack of 48 slow dissolving chlorine tablets comprising of 90% chlorine and 99% Trichlor. Follow the enclosed instructions to maintain the pool water.

Maintain your swimming pool water level

If the water level is too low then your swimming pool pump might run dry causing damage. On the other hand, if the water level is too high then your skimmers will not work properly.

Keep the pool’s floor clean

Dirt and leaves pile up on the floor of swimming pools. You can use a pool rover to pick up fine dirt and leaves. The Aquabot pool rover hybrid can save a lot of your time and energy. This is a robotic swimming pool cleaner featuring a self-contained mobile vacuum and filtration system. This is a powerful vacuum pump and micro-filter bag on wheels.

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