The best ways to keep your cats happy


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A lot of us have pets in our homes like cats or dogs. Cats are cute, cuddly and everyone, adults and children alike love them a lot. The needs of a cat are very different than dogs and other pets. Here is a look at some ideas that can help you keep your cat happy.

Give freedom to your cat

Cats are the master of their domain. They certainly need all the luxuries they can get. It is important to give freedom and space to cats. Try and avoid waking up your cat in the middle of its nap. Let it go out and explore the things around. Microchip the cat so that people bring it back to you if it gets lost. Don’t let the kittens outside until they are 6 months old. Don’t forget to neutralize your cat.

Keep the cat entertained

Pick some toys and other items for cats. Pick the ones that can keep them entertained. For instance you can pick a cat tower to help the cat play and exercise. The Molly & Friends Alleyway carpeted cat tower will keep your animal fit, busy and happy. This is a fun kitty hang out that’s 85 inches tall. This special cat tree has five alleyway cradles and 30 inches of all natural sisal rope for scratching. Check out some good cat scratchers and help your cat to indulge in scratching habits. This will help you to protect your furniture and other household items from the cat’s scratches. These items are great for active cats and cats that sleep a lot. Every cat needs entertainment.

Change litter boxes regularly

Cats are finicky animals. They like clean litter boxes. Cats appreciate clean toilets just like humans. So, change the litter box on a regular basis and keep the boxes very clean. This will prevent soiling in the house.

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