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Along with storing a lot of stuff, handbags and purses can act as stylish accessories. A good handbag can finish off an outfit with elegance. Increasing the lifespan of your purses can help you to get the full value for your money. So, check out the following ways of storing purses. These ideas will help you store the purses without causing harm to their quality.

Buy a purse hanger

This is one of the best ways to store a purse. You can pick an affordable and simple purse hanger or a luxurious one. You can keep your purse in a bigger handbag or a laptop bag along with its hanger. This will help you take your purse with you wherever you go. Check out the heart-shaped purse and handbag hook hanger available at Choosy Shopper. This is an elegant handbag hook that makes for a wonderful addition to your purse accessories collection. Also, check out Choosy Shopper’s blue and silver floral patterned purse hanger if you want something feminine. These hangers are ideal for regular but casual use. The Colorful Crystal (Blue Topaze) purse hanger is perfect for work places. This is a foldable hanger available at Amazon. All these purse hangers don’t allow your purse to touch the floor.

Use your closet’s cubbyhole areas

You can create a cubbyhole area in your closet or use the existing one. Choose a shelf in your closet that’s not used much. Now, measure the length of this shelf and cut two pieces out of a cardboard. These pieces should measure half-inch more than the length of your shelf’s length. You can put these cardboard pieces in front of each other, creating a small box like structure for your handbag. You can decorate the cardboard pieces as well.

Store the smaller purse in a bigger handbag

Pick a larger Fossil handbag to store small purses and wallets. The Maddox Leather Satchel Fossil handbags are feminine and casual. Pick one of these elegant and vintage-inspired satchels for outings. Crafted from the softest leather, they come with custom hardware. Their spacious interior provides you plenty of room to stash your day-to-day essentials.

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