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If you are shorter, on some days it can be really frustrating. While of course the grass is always greener on  the other side, it sometimes feels like a constant battle to get your pants hemmed to the right length, because somehow, every time they end up just a bit too short and it looks awkward like you’re wearing high waters. However, sometimes if you don’t get them hemmed and they are a bit too long they drag and then get frayed at the ends looking sloppy and unprofessional. While high heels are a great way to look taller, it’s unrealistic and a bit painful to expect yourself to wear a pair of heels every day.

This is why heel lifts are a great alternative to comfortably increase your height by simply a few inches. Celebrities such as Tom Cruise have been known to use these slight height adjusters to feel more confident and hopefully to avoid those awful pants hem frustrations. In addition to all around height, there are certain heel lifts that help to correct uneven legs, which can cause harm and imbalance. It is surprising how many of your features might not be symmetrical in fact, some people have slightly different sized feet, some people have one ear that is a little bigger than the other, and just the same way some people were born with one leg that is somewhat shorter than the other leg. And while this is all completely natural, sometimes with this imbalance you can put more strain and pressure on the taller leg causing injuries. Heel lifts come in so many different sizes and are adjustable that it is easy to find the right fit for you.

Although there isn’t much you can do about 2 different sized ears, if you do happen to have two different sized feet, you may find yourself feeling extremely uncomfortable because you bought shoes that were too small for one foot, or the opposite where they are too big for one foot so your foot keeps slipping out. This is a very common and frustrating problem to have, but there is a solution that may help. Instead of buying shoes too small, buy for the bigger foot and use heel grips for the foot that is small so it doesn’t continually slip out.

Written by Lizzy Jude

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