Tips for keeping your hair out of your face when in the game


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One of the biggest problems faced by both sportsmen and sportswomen is when their hair gets in the way during the game. It is quite annoying and can be extremely distracting. These distractions could in turn cost hinder your performance. Let us take a look at a few effective ways to keep your hair out of your face when in the game.

Using head bands are one of the most popular ways to keep your hair in one place. They are perfect if you happened to have long hair or thick hair. These headbands feature elasticized fabric to keep hair away from the skin on your forehead. As these head bands do not allow hair to touch your forehead they decrease the chances of acne caused by the oils of the hair. Headbands from Nike feature their proprietary Dri Fit technology which wicks away sweat from your forehead keeping it clean and neat. Nike Headbands are also gentle to fine or fragile hair

If you find head bands uncomfortable you could get yourself a bandana to keep your hair organized. Most bandannas are moisture wicking s they will keep your forehead dry and comfortable. The biggest advantage with bandannas is that they are very versatile. They can be used as a bandana headband ponytail holder, neckerchief or regularly as a bandana. Lastly they come in different designs so you wouldn’t have trouble finding one that fits your needs.

Using Clips and barrettes  also help in keeping your hair out of your face during your game. They work very well with pony tails and track stay hair that is loose keeping them in place. However these can sometimes be tough on your hair and irritate your scalp.

Lastly you could use a simple cap to keep your hair in place. A lot of sports personnel use caps to keep the hair out of their face. Caps also keep your face away from direct sunlight. Few caps come with a mesh top which keeps your head cool and breathable during your game. They also feature moisture wicking fabrics which help keep your head dry.

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