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Much like the junk drawer, a linen cabinet is also breeding grounds for disorganization. The closets become easily cluttered as one ends up buying another sheet and just stuffing into the closet. The end result is sheer mess. I tried to implement five tips and you can quickly organize your linen closet.

  • Purge and purge: This is the key to all organization projects. After years of neglect, I finally decided to part with my favorite pillow case. The key is that if you haven’t used something for over six months chances are that it is best to donate or sell it.
  • White all the way: This is an absolutely a “no brainer”. A linen closet is sure to look neater and more organized if the pillow cases, coverlets, towels and sheets are monochromatic. However of course if you want flashy blankets and colorful sheets, organizing it well should be your forte.
  • Labeling: Whether you have baskets or shelves, labeling it always a good idea. It is a rather quick and simple organizing trick. Moreover, it would always be a good idea to keep extra pillow cases and things which you do not need on top and the regular items on spots where you can reach it easily.
  • Iron it out: There is no need to edit our linen collection. However there is nothing which will make the closet look better if the contents are ironed. Undoubtedly the sheets would fold more easily. Much to my Mom’s horror I do not own an ironing board nor do I plug in an iron. But, yes I do own a clothes steamer.
  • Shelf dividers are a great investment: Shelf dividers might seem fuss to some but it has the tremendous potential to divide blankets from duvets from blankets, comforters from sheets. It will be easy to retrieve the things which one wants. Moreover it makes the entire look a lot neater toomodular storage cabinets

Another wonderful way to make your life easier with organizing of linen storage is to get modular storage cabinets. They look good and prove to be rather functional too!

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