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Being a wife and a mother of three, my afternoons and weekends are typically filled with lots of chauffeur-ing and cooking. Not to mention, during the week I am a working Mom as well, so life tends to get hectic very easily! However, after implementing some easy tips for storing food in freezer life has become relatively a bit more relaxed. Here are some tips that will make your life on the go a bit easier as well.

I used to question whether a deep freezer was essential. However now that I have one I can’t imagine life without it. It has plenty of space thus I can freeze enough food for a few weeks in a row. One of my tricks is that I make several sauces and gravies at once, freeze them, and then all I need to do is make some fresh pasta or noodles and we’re good to go. deep freezer

One of the best parts about my Frigidaire freezer is that it has several small baskets which make it very easy to hold items like butter and cheese, so I can buy in bulk and not need to worry about huge trips to the grocery store each week.  Over the past few years of freezing experience I realized the following things:

  • Storing large servings together should be avoided. It would be better to put one to two serving sizes. It makes the process of defrosting much easier!
  • When you store left overs, remember to cool the food before putting it in the freezer
  • Do not forget that wrapping the food properly is a must, so it stays fresher longer and does not get freezer burn

A secondary freezer fits perfectly in the garage for easy access. It worked out very well for me; or else I was always struggling to find space in my main refrigerator.

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