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Building the ultimate home theater system is a dream project for almost every tech enthusiast out there. It is also an essential component of a man cave. So if you find yourself with some extra cash in your account and no neighbors who like to complain, here’s a guide to the ultimate home theater setup.

One of the first components you should get is an amplifier or receiver. An independent amplifier unit will enhance the quality of sound produced by your speakers. It is also responsible for providing the necessary power to the speaker system. Among the amplifiers available the Yamaha RX-A3020 would be the best option presently available. This receiver has all the features you will need in a home theater receiver. This home theater receiver features all the standard and high-definition Dolby and DTS audio decoding and processing options. It also includes Yamaha’s very own audio processing enhancements. This receiver features two subwoofer outputs and preamp outputs for an additional three two-channel zones. It can expand to a whooping 11.2 channel main system configuration.

Once you have a good amplifier you will need to match it up with some really good speakers. There are many options available. For those of you who don’t want to deal with wires you could get yourself a wireless home theater speaker system. Among the best speaker systems for home theaters, the ones from Focal are some of the best. The Focal Utopia Viva is one of the best speaker systems around. This speaker system has the flexibility of coming either in Home Theatre or Stereo configuration. It would require an amplifier of at least 50 – 600W. These would be great for your home theater.

Last but not the least you need a good display unit. Like all the other components, this would depend on the size of the room. If you have a large enough room you could get yourself a high end projector. The Philips home theater projectors are quite good. They have the latest 3D projectors which would work great with your audio video receivers. Their projector lamps have a relatively longer life before needing replacement. The Runco VX-2000d is another projector that would be great for your home theater system.

Once you have your components you could get yourself vintage theater chairs so you remain classically comfortable while watching your favorite movies.

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