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One of the biggest trends in home décor is the white bookcase. This simple, elegant, and classic style of bookshelf will do wonders for the décor in any room because the white paint will mirror the light and add a touch of brightness to your room. This clean and crisp white paint will also allow your books, DVD’s, artwork, and knick-knacks to become the true stars of the shelf because they will add pops of color and contrast. The back drop is now ready, but do you know how to style them?

How to style your bookcase like a design professional:

  1. Consider painting or wallpapering the inside of your shelves. While you want the bookcase white to add light and whimsy, you can add pops of color and design behind your books to tie the room together.
  2. Choose what you want to showcase carefully. Books are of course a given on a bookcase but if you collect something like teapots or small pieces of artwork this is the perfect place to show it off. Also rummage through your home for other knick-knacks and family photos, these will help to fill in the gaps and add contrast.
  3. Now comes the fun part, arranging your books. You can organize them by color, genre, height, subject, whatever makes the most sense to you. There’s more than one way to stack your books, just pick which style works best for you, but vary each style per shelf. Here are a few ways you can stack your books: Classic vertical stacking, Horizontal stacking (from biggest to smallest), Sandwich stacking (two vertical stacks with a horizontal stack in the middle), Half vertical and half horizontal (on the same shelf), Twisted horizontal stacking (from biggest to smallest but twisting each book as you place them to look like a twister).
  4. Once you’ve arranged your books, you can start to add your photos, art work, and knick-knacks. Try and make some shelves just for your       knick-knacks and mix your books and your art work and other shelves. Another tip, is to make sure to let your books and shelves breathe. While some bookshelves look great packed to the gills other shelves look better with fewer things on them.

These tips will work on any bookcase, any size. Whether you have a corner bookcase, contemporary blocked bookcase, leaning tower, or thin spire bookcase there’s no reason these style tips won’t take your shelves to the next level.  There is now right or wrong way to arrange your treasures. Go with what you feel and arrange and rearrange to your heart’s content.

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