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diaper genie, waterproof crib mattress pad

When it comes to choosing products for your baby, there are so many choices out there, for such small people they certainly require a lot of products. Some we pick because we want our babies to be in style like with cute rompers or onesies, but there are other products, which simplify the life of parents. These essential products will be very useful for you and help things be more organized too. Here is a guide to a few of them-

1. Diaper genie

Diaper genies are a great way to keep dirty nappies in an effective way, while the nursery is odor and germ free. Check out this Playtex diaper genie that features a double-locking design and a multilayer, refillable liner. It has an ergonomic design so there’s no need to bend down,. The foot pedal allows for easy, hands-free opening. There is also a double locking system here so that you don’t have to worry about your toddlers opening the genie.

2. Waterproof crib mattress pad

You need to protect the baby’s mattress from moisture with a soft comfy pad. Always go for something that is made from unbleached cotton and is machine washable. This way you don’t’ have to waste a lot of time washing and drying the mattress. The quilted mattress pad is a great way to help your baby sleep without issues of wetting.

3. Baby sling

We all have been there and heard that you should let your baby sleep on your own. But as a parent, sometimes we need to rock them to sleep or carry them around while running errands. A baby sling helps your back and arms get rest, as the baby is comfortably held in the sling. You can use the sling to make the baby nap, while nursing or even as you head out for a short walk. This you are still connected to the baby and yet get some time for yourself.

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