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Hanes socks, socks for flats

Socks are something that has been always associated with men and it is true because they have to wear socks with almost all shoe kinds, except flip flops or may be canvas shoes. But often, this can pose a problem with boat shoes and other flats like that where ankle socks would look funny, like Hanes socks. The regular ones will help you enjoy a softer step with these cushioned no-show socks made with soft cotton-blend fabric. This extra-thick cushion shields your foot from impact and is very comfortable.

But when it comes to boat shoes and other similar styles, you should pick the low ones, which have extra durable heel and toe for extended wear. It also has ultra-soft, cotton-rich blend with ComfortSoft cushioning and a better fit with spandex. But it really doesn’t work that well. One solution to this problem is men’s no show socks, or socks for flats.

Available from brands like Ralph Lauren, these light, breathable cotton stretch socks come with slim liner that is concealed in shoes. The elasticized cuff keeps sock in place and the rubberized Polo logo pad on interior of heel prevents slippage and comes in 3 pairs in each pack. The multi-pack of convenient liners has been constructed of light breathable stretch cotton they stay hidden under shoes.

So the next time you are having trouble finding the right socks for your boat shoes, you can pick something like this. It is not advised to go sock-less all the time in boat shoes or any other restricted style, especially if you have smelly feet issues. Socks, even these concealed ones, provide protection from blisters and other similar problems too.

You can pick them in different colors and designs to meet your requirements. The next time you go sailing or want to wear your boat shoes to a picnic, you don’t have to worry about your feet getting smelly or blistered because of not wearing socks!

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