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Our washing machine is one of the biggest source of energy and water consumption. Top load washing machines generally consume at least 40 gallons of water in its one full laundry cycle. The water that is used for rinsing is just goes down the drain. To provide a solution to this, more efficient laundry appliances like the front load washers were introduced. Engineers have made these machines more energy and water efficient.

However, there still are people who prefer top loading machines due to several advantages. Therefore high efficiency top load washing machines were also made. These top loaders have nearly the same competence  and effectiveness in water and energy saving as its front loading counterpart. Besides it has several other benefits.

Kenmore Elite washers come in both styles i.e. front load as well as top load. This high efficiency appliance does an excellent job of cleaning your clothes. However, it is important to make sure that you are using HE laundry detergent as well. The correct HE laundry detergent is designed specifically to save on water. HE detergent is a non-sudsing detergent that does not require much water consumption. Without this detergent, the clothes will also not get washed properly. Not only this, it can even cause certain mechanical problems to your front loader.

A top load HE washer has several benefits:

  • There is no cumbersome agitator. Instead these washers now use a wash plate that enforces a centrifugal motion. This motion results in better infusion of water and detergent in your clothes.
  • The centrifugal motion also helps preserve the fabric of the clothes thereby prolonging their life.
  • A top load wahing machine is more ergonomically designed. One doesn’t have to bend down to put clothes that saves people from having back aches.
  • This kind of machine is very easy to install as well.
  • The formation of mold and mildew is also a remote issue now. You can keep the top door open to keep it from smelling . the circulation of air ensures freshness all the while.

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