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grill grates, camping dutch oven


Summer is round the corner and it is soon going to be family time! Every year one of the main reasons to look forward to summer is a family reunion. We all go camping since we can bank on the warmer weather. Each of us get our cooking supplies such that it becomes easier for us to make some nice food and have a good time. From years of experience I have realized that the three best and useful camping cooking supplies include the following: 

  • Grill grates: It is the best grilling accessory. All you need to do is add the grill grate to a charcoal grill and it changes the way one views grilling. Each of us look forward to some new grilling recipes to enjoy some yummy food. There are times we convert our camp sites into BBQ warrior zones!
  • Camping dutch oven: For most people camping usually means you eat hot dogs on a stick, cold sandwiches and camping dutch ovennot a lot of appetizing food. But what if it didn’t mean that?  What if you could have Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, cherry cobbler and steamed vegetables?  Maybe it could mean any other meal you would normally cook at home?  Would campfire food be more appealing? Well it can be if you utilize a very old and versatile tool; something your grandmother probably had more than one of – a Dutch oven. This is what exactly my family does by using of charcoal or wood heat!
  • Two burner camp stove: The best part about this stove is that it is collapsible for easy transport. Did you know that get models which are designed for windy cooking too? It definitely makes cooking very easy on a camping trip.

If you were to camping, take my suggestion and include these three pieces for sure. Get ready and go!!

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