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Laptops and desktops that run for long hours on a regular basis usually have a problem of getting overheated. The heat is usually emitted by the overworked CPU and the heat sinks and the factory fans are not enough to cool it. This is why it is essential to get extra fans fitted to ensure your computer is cool.

When the computer’s CPU overheats they usually tend to drop their frequency or slow down in order to cool. This is usually a problem it gets quite annoying when you are performing a task which requires the CPU to be at its best. If you do not cool your computer you could also cause it permanent damage. Here are a few cooling solutions for desktops and laptops.


Desktop computers are a lot tougher and more durable when compared to laptops. That being said, they also produce a lot more heat when compared to laptops. The CPU fans usually need replacement every year to make sure your CPU is kept cool enough. Among the CPU fans available the ones from Cooler Master happen to be one of the best ones around. The Cooler master Hyper TX3 CPU cooler is one of the best mainstream CPU cooling solutions around. This cooler features Cooler Master’s direct contact heat-pipes with aluminum fins to provide you with excellent heat dissipation. They also provide you with an option to add a second fan in case you need it. The 92mm fan is quite silent as well. In addition to CPU fans you could also get a few Cooler Master 120mm fans to help with the ventilation of your CPU cabinet.


Laptops do not produce the same amount of heat as desktops but they still need to be cooled effectively. Factory fitted laptop fans are usually unreliable and tend to slow down within a year. Hence it is necessary to get a cooling pad. The Cooler Master Notepal U2 is a simplistic cooling pad along with an adjustable stand. The adjustable stand helps you with good viewing angles. It features an aluminum mesh which helps dissipate heat quickly. It comes with 2 removable 80 mm fans. You could also connect one large 140 mm fan for effective cooling. This Cooler Master Notepal Ergostand notebook cooler is great for travelling as it is lightweight and compact. It holds laptop sizes up to 17 inches and features anti slip holders for convenient placement.

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