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If you’re already the satisfied owner of a LeapPad (tablet computers), then all you need to do is continue to add accessories and games to create new and exciting learning experiences for your child. The LeapPad is compatible with all of Leapster Explorer apps like LeapFrog accessories. You can use them online with the LeapPad console. Children can learn everything – drawing, alphabets, patterns and shapes, phonics and word skills; create an animated story and countless other problem solving activities to kindle their curiosity. Here are some of the LeapPad’s best accessories:

LeapPad Carrying Case

Kids are still figuring out their own balancing problems as they continue to grow and often forget that they are holding something of value that could easily break. That’s why you have different kinds of protective carrying cases.

Take a look at the LeapPad Explorer carrying case with its hard outer shell. The case with its tough outer shell helps protect the LeapPad from drops and spills. It has soft interiors that protects and keeps the screen clean. The carrying case can hold up to six games and an extra stylus.

Check out the LeapFrog LeapPad Fashion handbag. It’s stylish and colorful for your little fashionista and has  two handles offer easy portability.

The LeapPad LeapFrog Polka Dot carrying case is cute and stylish. It’s a fun case with a wrist strap making it easy to carry. The zipper closure keeps your LeapPad and games safely inside.

LeapPad LeapFrog headphones

LeapFrog Headphones are available in different colors to make learning fun for kids. This headphone is compatible with different LeapPad and Leapster learning toys. You can enjoy a bit of peace and quiet knowing that your child is learning while having fun. It’s comfortable, adjustable and durable. Or you can go for the LeapFrog LeapPad Plug and Play accessories bundle. It includes an AC adapter to let kids play longer while conserving batteries, headphones, and pink gel skin to protect the console.

LeapFrog LeapPad Gel Skin

The LeapFrog LeapPad gel skin ensures that even if the console is dropped, it will help cushion the blow to make it last longer. The gel texture provides grip and makes it easy to carry.

LeapFrog apps

LeapFrog apps like the LeapFrog App Center download card allows you to choose from over 50 LeapFrog learning apps online. It allows you to download them to your Leapster Explorer or LeapPad Explorer by using the code on the card.

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