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A normal, nutritious diet that covers all food groups generally provide all the nutrients needed for the body. But when your diet lacks a proper balance, vitamin supplements are recommended for both adults and children to promote overall health.

A poor digestive system, inadequate nutrients in the diet, stressful weight loss routines and environmental factors, incorrect way of preparing food, hormonal imbalance, obesity, a stressful lifestyle and others are the main reasons for deficiencies in the body.

If you are not sure what supplements to take, it is best to go with a doctor’s advice on what vitamin are best for you. A safe way to take vitamins is to take them according to dietary needs. By understanding the supplements and their role, you are able to make the right choices about what’s right for your body.

Children are sometimes fussy about taking their supplements. Make it a fun activity for them by joining them and taking your vitamins at the same time. Or make it a family time where every member of the family takes his vitamins at the same time and it becomes a fun time.

Nature made vitamins promote heart health, immunity, eye health and general overall health at different stages in your life. A vitamin supplement like Nature’s Way, Alive, is a Vitamin C supplement for adults made with organic fruits. It’s derived from Whole Food Complex and is naturally buffered. These nature made vitamins are gentle on the stomach and are easily absorbed and digested. They’re available in both capsule and powder form. Nature’s Way has a wide array of vitamins available to suit your dietary needs.

Gummy multivitamins for kids like Lil Critters Groovy Gummy Vites are a mineral dietary supplement. The multivitamin formula has no artificial flavors or colors and contains no gluten, peanuts, tree nuts, soy or eggs. Only natural fruit flavors are used.

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