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BMX biking has grown in popularity over the past few years. It was a medal sport for the very first time in the Beijing Olympics in 2008. This has helped the sport grow as quite a few people have taken up BMX biking. To get started you would require a BMX bike and choosing one from the vast variety of them isn’t easy. Here’s what you need to know about BMX bikes.

There are many things to consider when getting a BMX bike. One of the primary things would be to decide as to what kind of BMX bike you want. Here are the different types of BMX bikes for different disciplines.

Dirt Jump Bikes

This is one of the most simplistic of all BMX bikes, a true classic. This bike is light weight and the frames are long to provide you with good stability for long jumps. They usually do not come with stunt pegs or other additional accessories in order to minimize weight. These bikes are great to perform tricks, twists, flips and turns in mid air thanks to the balance and low weight of this bike. These bikes are great on trails thanks to their thick tires.

Park Bikes

These bikes are for those riders who go to BMX parks. These bikes usually come fitted with a set of pegs to help you perform various stunts. The tires have a slick tread that is more suited to ramp riding. Park BMX bikes usually feature 2 brakes unlike most other BMX bikes. This helps them perform certain moves. These BMX bikes are also quite tough as they need to withstand impact.

BMX – Street

BMX street Bikes or Flatland BMX bikes are the most customizable ones around. With these bikes you can add as many pegs as you want. You can also add gyros, brakes or have absolutely nothing depending on how you want to ride. They are the strongest ones around and are built for quick control handling. Street BMX riders use everyday architecture such as hand rails and steps to perform. This is why they need to be versatile.

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