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coleman lantern

The best way to enjoy your camping experience is to go fully prepared. If it’s your first trip, read up on everything like what equipment you’ll need and so forth. One thing I’ve realized from my experience camping is that lighting is important. I need a little light around me once it’s dark. Sure, that’s what camping is all about, being one with nature and all that but I still need a few lighting accessories for my tasks. Take a look here at some lighting essentials so you can enjoy every bit of your experience:

There is the reflection of the moon to add a romantic light to the whole camping experience, but then that’s not good enough to help with tasks like cleaning, cooking or for walking to get some water.

Coleman lantern

A Coleman lantern is a good lamp to carry along on your camping trips. It has a brilliant, super bright 11-watt fluorescent, spiral U-tube bulb and a built-in night light. It has reflector light that direct light in the outward and upward directions and runs for 9 hours on a single charge. Check out other Coleman lanterns like duel fuel lanterns, portable LED lanterns and other models.

Solar powered LED flashlight

A solar powered LED flashlight like the Maxima solar rechargeable flashlight needs no electricity. It has no bulbs or batteries and needs no shaking or winding. The perfect lighting for your camping trip!  You can place it under direct sunlight and charge it. You can charge it with a cigarette lighter adapter or an A/C adapter. It also has a built-in alarm clock.

Joby Gorillatorch

The Joby Gorilla Switchback LED headlamp combines two devices in one – a headlamp and lantern. The 130 lumen lantern can be attached to any surface with its gorillapod legs. The detachable base can be converted to an adjustable headlamp with 5 LEDs.

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