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Spring is around the corner but it can definitely bring along some cold and rainy days. Such days can not only make you ill but you can also suddenly show up to work completely unprepared. So, check out the following coats and pick one of them for the surprisingly wet and cold days of Spring.

Frock style coats

Frock style coats are not only warm but they are also unique. Almost every woman has straight fit coats in her winter wardrobe. So, go for a frock style coat this time to break the monotony of your wardrobe. You can go for a vintage wool frock coat that has an A-line cut and a V neckline. Check out the Scully Alexandra coat if you like lapel collars and button closures. This coat is perfect to still cover you up on a blustery day. You can easily get some similar coats now because winter is ending and a lot of brands have out their woolens for sale. So, now is actually the time to buy a nice coat.

Hooded coats

Hooded coats look more casual. You can check out some double-breasted coats having hoods. The Sebby twill coat is one of the best examples of warm and hooded coats. This coat has a peacoat design and a stylish twill construction. This is a classic, very durable and hooded peacoat coat that looks great with black or white gloves.

Cape coats

These coats are common in medieval Europe. They are often worn with a hood. You can go for a cape coat having a sleeveless style. Pick a coat that can be belted. You can wear these coats with a light inner layer and jeans. These coats don’t keep you too warm because they allow a little air to come in and go out through the sleeves. So, these coats are ideal for spring.

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