Cookies as alternatives to the traditional birthday cake


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While talking about birthdays, first three things that come to mind are fun, gifts and the cake. A birthday cake is generally a very important item to be pondered over. In fact birthday cake is a special tradition in several cultures, thereby making it the most integral part of a celebration.

Well, cakes come in many shapes, sizes and types but now-a-days demand of more innovative ideas are expected according to peoples choices. There are kids who love other kinds of cakes like ice-cream cakes. At the same time even the elders also feel a need of different cake due to certain food allergies that they suffer. These are some of the reasons why alternatives to the traditional birthday cakes have become an ever greater necessity. What is good about all this is that selecting alternatives is a grand adventure and someone’s annual celebration takes on a new height.

Exploring other types of cakes that go beyond the traditional ones, cookie cakes can be a great option.

You can put cute designs on the cookies or use unique cookie cutters to go with a theme. For example if it’s a younger kid’s birthday and they have a jungle theme then you can get an elephant cookie cutter, or if it’s for an adult’s birthday then use the letter of their first name for a cookie cutter.  In fact cookie cakes are great for large parties.

You can take a large sized cookie and decorate it in a way to make it a truly personal cookie. You can use icing, sprinkles, candy pieces or numerous other toppings to give the feel you want to.  Alongside, you can also make smaller size cookies to serve your little guests. Decorate these smaller ones in a more simplifies manner, but in a way that their design matches the large cookie.

You can easily get cookie cakes from larger grocery stores as they cater their own cakes. These serve as special birthday desserts that are not only inexpensive alternatives but also can be a fun change of pace.

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