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Microwaves are found in almost all homes in the US today, and to think microwaves were an accidental discovery! Microwaves today are sleek devices that can add to a kitchen’s décor. However, the first microwave was more like a refrigerator and was over five feet tall and very heavy. The first microwave was invented by Percy Spencer from radar technology just after World War II. Known as the “Radarange,” it was first sold in 1947. Raytheon eventually acquired the license for its patents and launched the first commercial microwave oven.

Since then, microwaves have improved technologically. A Samsung microwave with 1500 watts is the perfect size to cook a quick meal. It has a stainless steel interior and exteriors and touch controls. The Samsung microwave has 5 power levels, a double quantity power setting and 20 second power boost. It has a digital display for time and power, along with 30 programs for multiple menu options. It’s easy to maintain with ceramic floor coating.

Check out the efficient Samsung over-the-counter microwave. It is made from stainless steel and ceramic enamel, and features sensor cook and a one touch easy filter. The enamel interior makes it easy to clean off oil and grease and it is scratch-resistant. The oven has features like auto defrost, auto reheat, 2 cooking stages and a stirrer plus turntable distribution system.

For a fun microwave, take a look at the fully functional Hello Kitty microwave. It adds a light and fun element to your kitchen. It is a handy for dorm rooms. It’s compact and fits into small spaces. It has 6 preprogrammed settings and a LED digital display clock and kitchen timer to help you effortlessly display your culinary abilities. It cooks, defrosts and reheats food at the touch of a button. It’s safe to use with child safe lockout features and is very cute to look at.

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