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Golf is a sport that requires immense focus and skill. It is such a game of precision where even a tiny error could prove to be costly. Improving your game doesn’t happen overnight and requires a lot of hard work and patience. Here are a few ways on improving your game.

Anchoring your feet is one of the most important aspects of your game. Keeping your foot anchored behind the ball is important if you are to get distance. For right-handed players it will be the right foot and for a left hander it will be the left foot. If your anchored foot is lifted when swing the club, you will lose power and distance in the shot.

The next thing to work on would be to keep elbow close to your hip. This will ensure that your body will drive your arms and club through the ball impact. This will ensure that your arms won’t have any influence over your shot. Arms usually tend to have a negative influence on the shot and this practice will not let it happen.

Driving is one of the most difficult parts in golf. A common misconception is that the harder you swing the further the distance achieved. This is particularly wrong as you are more likely to slice the shot or completely miss it if you go in for more power. All you need to do is control your swing and focus on middling the ball. Once you are hitting the middle of the ball you can slowly increase power.

The grip is an important aspect in your swing. One of the most important things to do during your swing would be to keep your hands relaxed. Keeping the muscles in your forearm and fingers relaxed at the top of your back swing will allow your grip to be relaxed. Practicing this will eventually improve your distance. Use golf ball markers when you are working on distance so you know the progress you are making.

Lastly practicing your swing is essential. If you are unable to go to a golf course or a driving range you should consider getting yourself a golf practice range kit. This way you can practice your swing at the comfort of your back yard.

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