Green ways to dry your clothes


retractable clothesline, wooden clothespins

I am green at heart and prefer using electrical appliances, which are energy efficient and come with Energy Star ratings. For instance, a dryer that comes with energy star rating uses less energy and electricity as compared to a regular one. But it does use up a lot of electricity. However, there are a lot of great ways to save on electric bills if you dry your clothes naturally.

It’s a very common practice in other countries but not that often here so say why it should be more widely spread because not only is it greener, but it’s also better for your clothes too. Let me guide you how-

  • First of all, it saves you the trouble of using or getting a dryer for that matter. You just need to sundry your clothes using a retractable clothesline. The Moen RR5506HD retractable clothesline offers affordable and sensible solutions to dry clothes. It has a locking nut and a spring loaded string, which makes it easy to carry and can be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • Secondly, you get to save on electricity bills. The less you use the dryer, the more you save. Keep the dryer for emergencies like rainy days, but otherwise, opt for sundrying.
  • Third, drying your clothes out in the sun means that you are killing germs naturally. You also get crisper and better drying. If you are worried about the color fading, simply take the garments off the rack when they are dry, instead of leaving them outside for too long.

Worried about clothes flying off? Well there are wooden clothespins that are again a greener option, as compared to plastic alternatives. All that you have to do is put them on the string or clothesline and not worry about them falling or flying. So reduce the carbon footprint and opt for these sensible green solutions.

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