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grain free dog food, collapsible dog bowl

Pets are like babies. They have to be fed on time, no matter what your schedule or your work commitments. And if you’re traveling, it’s important that you stick to your pet’s feeding schedule so you have a happy and well-adjusted pet. Take a look at these ideas and suggestions to help you along the way:

Always feed your dog food he’s familiar with and used to eating while traveling. Don’t introduce something new as you don’t know how he’ll react to it. Sojo’s grain-free dog food is made with fresh, simple ingredients and is great for sensitive dogs. You can simply soak it in water and add raw beef, turkey or chicken and is like a home-prepared meal.

On long journeys by road, park your car periodically to give your dog water and food. Park your car in the shade to let in some fresh air. Let him out of his dog seat or unbuckle him if he’s buckled in. Make sure you don’t park for too long in the sun as dogs are easily dehydrated. If you’re buying food on the way, let your dog out of the car and tie him up in the shade so he’s out of the heat while you’re buying the food. Go for a light walk after eating and before you get back into the car.

Take along easy-to-digest, light-on-the-stomach foods like Nature’s Recipe Grain-Free dog food. It’s tasty, high protein and high-energy blend of real meat and freshwater fish. It’s easy to digest and will keep your dog active and healthy while traveling. Readymade grain-free dog food normally has added vitamins and nutrients with no fillers.

A collapsible dog bowl is one of the handiest travel accessories while traveling with your pet. Pet Collapsible travel bowl cup is small enough to fit into your pocket or bag. It’s made of durable, non-porous silicone material and BPA free. One cup is perfect for medium-sized dogs. You can even take it along when you’re going for a long walk with your pet.

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